Dear Great Dane friends,

we welcome you by the kennel's

"von Saxenheim Sensation" and "van Kiritanaka".


We are breeding since
1994 Great Danes in all colours and would like to present you with this site our kennel.

We hope that you enjoy the visit on our site and thank you in advance for the interest on our dogs. 


New pictures to Great Danes

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Boston Terrier

von Saxenheim Sensation

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Japanese Chins site

van Kiritanaka


"There is nothing like a Dane!"

Ghislain Pirard & Manfred Wollschläger
Honoré Borgersstraat 86
8400 Oostende
Tel.: 0032 - (0) 59 - 50 13 07
e-mail: ghislain.pirard[at]